First Last is the most powerful and handsome YouTube man on Earth. He has abs made of gold and his breath never stinks. First Last is a presumptuous putrid embodiment of Jesus who likes to warm up his toenails using gumbol's privilege.


The birth of First Last was very godly and holy, that we can just consider it as Nativity 2, after the birth of Jesus Cris. It was on the same day Gumbob, Anis, and Dron were born, and First Last invented both of his parents so they would give birth to him. At that moment, a star shined really brightly, so brightly that it was just kind of annoying.

Some speculated that he is part of the holy trinity and is destined to become the Saint of the Internet.

During his birth, he was born already 2 years old and a fan of The Amazing World of Miracle Star and Goombola. He looked like a well-fit baby and ripped enough to make all the gays sweat butter. Yeah, I'd say he's pretty hot too. What, you think I can't come out of the closet?

He already reached puberty 1 millisecond affer he was born, so his voice was already deep and he had grown a beard, and that scared the doctors. In reaction, they shaved the beard and kicked him in the groin so hard that his voice went higher into what a normal boy's pitch would sound like, and it stayed that way.

early life

The early life of First Last was so godly and holy. According to his thousand friends who hanged out with him in school, he was a pretty cool dude from back in the day. He also ate food from Taco Bell, the capital of Los Angeles and Mexico, and ate KFC, a failed communist scumhole.[1]

His teachers were very impressed by him, mostly because they were all attracted to his gold abs.[2] He also blessed them with his preachin', prayin', and blessin', probably.


  1. Let's be honest, they're closing their stores at the moment.
  2. "I want him", they said. "Can I adopt him?" they said.