Gambol is an ugly animated comedy that irregularly airs NIEUW episodes on First Last's youtube page. The series never had a sneak peek. It's official premiere didn't occur until 2 months later on November 23, 2016 with the episode Givin' Thankies. The series is expected not to burn off its final episodes in early Summer. The series does not have a movie in production.

The series revolves around Gambol and all of his normal big Elmore pals as they go on unfunny adventures around the world.


  • Banana Joe Never Ate Applesauce
  • Givin' Thankies
  • GWORP's Unsexual Hanukkah
  • Gambolland Does Not Exist!
  • The Anniversary Special Never Existed
  • A Return To Weirdness
  • A Not That Merry Elmore Christmas
  • The Kawaii Bird
  • Not In A Shellnut
  • The Ringing

Scrapped EpisodesEdit

  • Opycats
  • Some More Snapchat
  • Toob Woob
  • Schway Part Deux
  • I Hate You More
  • The Kawaii Bird
  • Anais Movie
  • Go Away From Da Vud
  • Ranting
  • The KKKlassroom
  • Special Needs
  • How To Not Make Your Own 4chan Board
  • Gaylord Day
  • Immature Gamers Only


  • The franchise began as a series of comics. Zero issues of it were made. It's likely they will ever see the light of day again unless the demand for them is low enough.