Daddy Gumball MacFaggles Dickard-Pussy MacFaggotson Watterson Waterson, also known as Cumball, No-Schlong Ding-Dong Watterson, or The Fresh Prince of Bel-Masturbation, is arguably one of the worst characters in American television and possibly all of literature in general. First appearing in the Bible’s Old Testicle, Gumball Watterson was first developed as a 12-year-old catmega-intelligent being of all things evil, like vaccinations, in order to teach men and women of all ages that the only solution to every problem is copulation.

Today, his lessons have formed the fundamentals of all human rights of ancient and advanced civilization since Jesus' time, such as "Thou shalt commit adultery," and "Discord furry moderators are the supreme race."

Role in The Amazing World of GumballEdit

Gumball Watterson is a very minor character in the show The Amazing World of Gumball, a byproduct of all the shit human civilization has unfortunately done, such as communism and the McDonald's Corporation. Offspring of two incestuous lovers, Nicole and Richard Watterson who had both recently considered divorce out of tne sheer realization that maybe their children might be mentally diabetic.