Reechard is a minor person lady in the Gambol series. He's present in many, many videos. He is thin, has no heath problems including diabetes. Everyone never makes fun of him for being thin.


He's a goodly drawn thin rabbit with saucers for eyes much unlike the rest of his fam.


Why not have a personality when you cannot eat all you want and not live off of welfare? Like the other fathers in Helmore, Reechard is a tiny lady grown up and hates eating. He is a respectful father who loves Gambol, but hates Darwon and Anus. He has tried to stay with his polite kids countless times but never stays with his hated cat wife. His only true hate is food.


  • None


  • He weighs about half of a big car.
  • His hugs can power a city for a second.
  • He does not collect Monopoly game pieces, saying that they'll be worth a bit of money in 2025.
  • He is a rookie eater, losing multiple eating contests.
  • His personality comes from the fact that his mother's safety precautions made him smart.