The Incredible World of Chi Chi is a TV show. The series revolves around the lives of Chi Chi, a goat, and Ribbit, a frog. Chi Chi and his family make money off The Wattersons by uploading videos of them mimicking their actions to YouTube Red.


Image Name Gender Species Description
Recolor Chi Chi Male Goat He is Gambol's doppelgänger who wears a brown shirt with pants and red shoes.
Ribbit Ribbit Male Frog He's a light blue frog in grey pants that resembles Darwon.
Mommy Mom Female Goat She's Neekole's ripoff whose name is unknown.
Daddio Dad Male Goat He's Reechard's knockoff. His real name is unknown.
Anais Rip-off Anais Rip-off Female Rabbit She was supposed to be Anais counterpart in The Incredible World of Chi Chi, but she was scrapped due to being female.


  • The show has an official website, which contains poorly translated descriptions of the shows characters.