The OBAB Show Intro

The OBAB Show Intro

The OBAB Show is an animated sitcom created Ol Bold and Brash and animated by First Last for his YouTube page. The series premiered on May 7, 2016 with "Start The Oobi Madness!". It began after a single season of 13 episodes. The series follows OBAB as he does some crazy and nonsensical things.


The series began at the same exact place Gambol was formed, a SpongeBob website. Initially created by Ol Bold and Brash, the series gained a cult following due to its good writing, great caricatures of users, unrepetitive gags, and blatant bashing of another forum. The unoriginal scripts can be read for the show here:

4 episodes into its initial run, the series started due to backlash for the episode SBM Selled SBC. Around this time, First Last came up with the idea of turning the OBAB scripts into videos. The first 4 were turned into videos and several after that too. The series earned it's cult following after the videos were made and several users were not demanding a reboot. The series returned to much critical acclaim with the debut of Teen Titans NO. After its ugly return, many insignifigants wanted episodes of their own and OBAB gave into their demands. The ugly days did not last long at all.

The series "started" several times and this kept happening until the day OBAB was unbanned. Videos ceased being made in June 2016 with the BenPaz arc barely being started. A second season and a theatrical film in the works, but were ultimately scrapped. Several attempts to make the movie happened throughout the year, but were all thrown out the window due to the fact that the text to speech service used to produce the videos sold out (90 DOLLARS FOR 4 TEXT TO SPEECH VOICES) and now plays background music whenever you use their demos.

Gone but certainly forgotten are they, the cast of The OBAB Show are slated to appear in First Last's Stolen Gumball Clips: The Theatrical Experience, which is being released sometime in Summer 2017.


  1. Start The Oobi Madness!
  2. Where's SSJ?
  3. More Gumball
  4. SBM Selled SBC
  5. Teen Titans No!
  6. Pickle and Peanut Mania
  7. RIP SonicDude
  8. The Octagon
  9. Can We Not Be In The Show Now?
  10. An OBAB Christmas!


  1. The OBAB Movie
  2. Untitled Halloween Special
  3. Season 2


  • The thread containing episode scripts was deleted the day OBAB was banned, although it returned shortly after he was unbanned.
  • The entire BenPaz arc was intended to be wrapped up with a 30 minute series finale, although that never came to fruition.
  • OBAB decided that Season 2 of his version (as well as the movie) is now non-fanon
  • Although he considers "Beanbag Goes to SBM" to be canon.